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AutoReGas provides the following services for your vehicle's air conditioning system at your home or other premises.
**Access to mains electricity required for system re-gas* *

System top-up.
Additional gas up to 400g added to a working system. £45
System must be currently working, i.e. compressor clutch activating and/or having a measurable temperature reduction from ambient air temperature. If the system is found to not be working, a system re-gas will be required, or, if found to be faulty a call out charge applies: see below.

A full system re-gas is recommended, a top-up is like topping up your engine oil instead of changing the oil and filter when the vehicle is serviced; it's not good for it in the long term.

System re-gas.
> Recovery and safe disposal of any remaining refrigerant gas.
> Deep vacuuming of system to remove residual gas and any possible moisture.
> Vacuum leak test. (See note below)
> Recharging of system with correct level of refrigerant gas.
> Top-up of compressor lubricant oil as required.

It is recommended that your air conditioning is serviced every 3 to 4 years or as soon as you notice drop in cooling. Older vehicles may require more frequent servicing due to age deterioration of the seals and hoses and wear to the compressor shaft seals allowing gas to escape. Regular maintenance can save you from some very large bills!

R134a System capacity up to 500g £60 | 501-800g £65 | 801-1100g £70 | 1101-1300g £75   | 1301g+ POA
R1234yf Sytem capacity up to 500g £130 then £10 for each additional 100g as required.
Most vehicles from 2016 onwards have R1234yf but only represent about 20% of vehicles on the road, so due to supply and demand, a cylinder of R1234yf is currently 4x the cost of a cylinder of R134a.

Optional UV leak detection dye additive:  £5 
Should your system develop a leak this could save you a lot of money by cutting garage labour time finding its location.

Does your air conditioning smell bad?
Over time, due to condensation, bacteria and fungus can grow on the evaporator creating not only an an unpleasant odour but a health risk! For an additional £5, your air conditioning system can be sanitised with an anti-bacterial deodoriser and fungicide to remove the contamination and smell.

Call out charge.
If your system cannot be recharged due to a fault or leak there is a 
£20 call out charge to cover time and expense.

Please note:
Due to the unknown condition of the various components of the a/c system prior to a re-gas and the vacuum leak test being a low pressure test which may not show small leaks within the time available for the re-gas process; no guarantee is offered nor should be assumed if your vehicle passes this test, on how long your system will continue to work after completion of the re-gas.

AutoReGas does not offer a repair service!